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40ft Container


If you require substantial storage space,  the 40ft shipping container is the largest in our fleet and is ideal for shipping, large conversion projects and  provides the ideal solution should you need one storage container instead of a number of smaller containers.



Our 40ft containers are suitable for a wide range of industries and are the perfect space for those looking to store extensive stock, contents of a home or office, for housing materials or equipment, vehicle storage, or for industrial or agricultural businesses that require maximum storage capacity.



The container is supplied with a lock box and lock inside for secure storage and are also supplied with hinged doors that each feature two locking bars for added security.  The container is weatherproof, and is made of full steel and anti-vandal construction, so you are safe in the knowledge that your possessions are safe and secure from the weather, theft and vandalism.



Internal dimensions:

L 36'42'' (12m) x W 7'7" (2.35m) x H 7'9" (2.26m)


External dimensions:

L 40' (12.19m) x W 8' (2.44m) x H 8'6" (2.59m)


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We can provide quick delivery across the UK.  Please ensure that your site is prepared for container delivery from a loader crane vehicle. For complex installations or on sites where access may be a concern, we will conduct a site visit before delivery takes place. Contact us today to arrange a fast, reliable delivery of your 40ft storage container.