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We had to share this pic of our 40ft containers being hoisted into Ocean Terminal in Southampton last Saturday.

"Apparently the promise of access to the onsite catering helped get the job done quicker" :)

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1) The Wine Down Pop Up, Australia:

In Australia, shipping containers have been repurposed as luxury eco-pod hotel rooms and are popping up in vineyards in Victoria. The Wine Down Pop Up. was created by Toly Mezhov and Irene Polo, of Contained and each hotel pod has a bathroom, timber flooring and bedrooms that can be extended when the container is dropped into location. Photo by Visit Victoria #bespokecontainers

2) The Hanging House, Brazil

This stunning container home uses an interior design based on recycled wood

The architects of Casa Container Marilia built Hanging House, a 238m² raised container house, using 80% recycled materials. Designed as a country home that integrates into the local Brazilian ecosystem, it is sustainable and recyclable. Inside, it uses demolition wood for its walls and floor, has a green roof with rainwater reuse as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. Photo: Celso Mella #bespokecontainers

3) Container Swimming Pools, Canada

Installing a pool in your back garden can be costly and time-consuming. Even if you have the funds, most folk won't have the space or right type of ground to install a pool. However, a new design from Modpool a Canadian company now makes it possible to set up a fully-functioning swimming pool pretty much anywhere in just a matter of minutes. These amazing pools, made from old shipping containers, even have their own built-in sanitation and heating system. What's not to love! Photo: Modpool #bespokecontainers

Whilst we can't promise to design you a container swimming pool, if you are looking to buy long-lasting, high quality, steel containers for your industrial premises or home, look no further. We offer bespoke containers that come with customised designs and specifications which can be used as storage or converted into offices and welfare units.

Call us on 0800 068 8865

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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Rebranding Justeel

Here at Justeel after 30 years we have finally rebranded ourselves! Our new website helps to guide all our customers to what they are looking for whether that’s container hire, container sales or anything they need to know about the company.

New employees

We have also had a recent new employee, Ollie, join the team which is the directors son. He is learning the ropes of the business and is eager to help run the business alongside Chris and Liz.


In other news we also have a large selection of great second hand containers. All containers are at extremely low prices as well as being in superb condition.

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